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Saphir Omnidaim suede/nubuck cleaner

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Saphir Omnidaim Cleaner

Omnidaim is a special cleaner for suede, nubuck, crepe and textiles that removes stains. It also refreshes the original colour of suede and nubuck materials. Great for cleaning materials without affecting the original colour.

How to use

To thoroughly clean suède we advise you to use Saphir's Omninettoyant suède cleaner. This suède shampoo cleans stains and other dirt that has been collected within the suède. To treat your shoes with Omninettoyant suède cleaner you need:

 Saphir Medaille D'Or Omninettoyant suède cleaner
 Saphir Medaille D'Or Crêpe brush

1. Mix 1 part Omninettoyant with 3 parts of water.

2. Apply Omninettoyant cleaner to the suède by using the supplied brush. Evenly moisten the suède to avoid discoloration

3. Wash the Omninettoyant from your shoes by applying water. Keep applying water untill the suède stops foaming

4. Let your shoes dry. TIP: Don't dry your shoes on top of a radiator or other heat source. This will result in dried out leather. Which is what we are trying to avoid of course.

5. Brush the suède using the crêpe brush. This way the suède regains its natural, slightly rough charm

When renovating suède we use the popular and multi functional products of Saphir. Products such as Saphir Gommadin and Saphir Omninettoyant will bring your suède shoes back to life. All the Saphir Medaille d'Or products are of the highest quality and will keep your shoes in pristine condition.

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