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Are you looking for a special, unique and personal gift?

With our personalization service, we can turn a nice gift into a special gift, by laser cut engraving. An elegant engraving transforms every gift into a unique and personal gift for your loved ones.

Personal engravings are the perfect gift for special occasions. For example, the graduation of your children, the wedding anniversary of your parents or a birthday of your loved one. With our laser engraving, it is possible to engrave a name, initials, date, logo or even a message in our products.

Many of our products are very suitable for engraving. For example our shoe care valets, brushes, shoe trees or whiskey glasses. Send us a message and we will help you with any question. At the moment we plan all engravings on certain dates, because of the high setup costs. 

Laser dates:

  • Week of September 21     (Order deadline September 20) (Engraved orders are shipped a week after engraving)
  • Week of Oktober 26     (Order deadline Oktober 25) (Engraved orders are shipped a week after engraving)
  • Week of November 23     (Order deadline November 22) (Engraved orders are shipped a week after engraving)
  • We engrave December 17    (Order deadline December 16 13:00) Order in time to have your order shipped out in time for Christmas

Engraved valets are shipped the same week or the week after the deadine date.

Direct order:

Shoe trees
Shoe tree labels 
Shoe care valet

Important to know

Because of their larger size, the Distinctivo and beechwood valets cannot be engraved directly into the wood. Instead, they are provided with a brass looking plate. The Distinctivo has the plate on the inside of its lid and the beechwood valet has it on the front. 

How does it work?

Indicate what kind of engraving you want and we will arrange it for you. At the moment we process all personalized orders at a fixed time in the month. This is due to the high start-up costs of the process. Prices for engraving a shoe polish valet starts at € 15, depending on the size of the engraving. The valets will be delivered no later than one week after engraving.

You need the engraved product earlier? No problem! With our express service, we can deliver the product within a few days. Please note that we charge a € 30 fee for the rush order in addition to the € 15 for the engraving, due to the high start-up costs. The € 30 fee is only calculated once per order. If you order multiple engraving products, you only pay € 30 once.

In case of an express delivery we can be reached at:

Tel: 020 2611 746


Shoe trees £ 42,50                       
Shoe tree labels £ 6,- 
Brushes  £ 25,- 
Shoe care valets
 - Small £ 13,50
 - Medium £ 17,50
 - Large  £ 20,- 
 - Plate engraving  £ 17,- 
Express delivery  £ 25,- set-up costs + cost of engraving

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